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Using Skills

There are several types of unique skills: AoE Skills (ground skills) that affect a selected area, Combo Skills that combine 2 to 3 skills, Smart Skills that vary with the conditions and more. Combo and Smart Skills

  • Combo Skills can be used without any conditions and are sequenced to be used as more skills are learned.
  • Smart skills are used when certain conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, the skill can't be used.

AoE Skills (Ground Skills)

  • When you use an AoE skill, the area marker UI will be displayed.
  • Use this marker to select the target area and left-click to activate the skill.
  • In an area where skill use is prohibited, the marker turns red and the skill won't be activated.
Aoe-skills (1).jpg

Multi Quick Slots

By using the multi quick slots, you can assign up to four skills to a single slot for easier access.

  • To access the multi quick slot feature, click the △ button to the right of the quick slots or the quick slot itself.
  • Once the quick slot is activated, you can assign additional skills to that slot.
  • Only the first and second quick slot rows support the multi quick slot feature.

Skill Enhancement

You can enhance skills you have learned up to their enhancement limits. Enhanced skills are more powerful than regular skills.

  • Your character receives 1 Skill Enhancement Point per level starting from Lv. 6.
  • Each skill has different enhancement options and limits, and these options can only be enhanced up to their limits.
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