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Quests help immerse players in the game world and gain XP, while expanding and unfolding the story. Some quests act as guidelines or an entry point to new content. There are many types of quests, including Main, Local, Weekly, Daily, and Event. Their status can be Accepted (!), In progress (...), and Complete (?). Upon completing a quest, the character receives XP, Asper, and/or items as rewards.

Quest Progression

  • Quest NPCs can be found in or near points of interest, and give quests and rewards.
  • There are main quests and local quests. Available quests can easily be seen by the exclamation mark above the head of Quest NPCs.
  • Quest information is displayed in the Quest Info window and the Quest Tracker window located in the right side of the screen.
  • Clicking a quest objective from the Quest Info window or the Quest Tracker window will automatically move your character to the quest area.

Astellia MainQuest.jpg

Astellia SideQuest.jpg

Astellia RepeatableQuest.jpg

Abandoning Quests

  • Accepted quests can be abandoned, and abandoned quests can be accepted again at any time.
  • If you abandon a quest, all the quest items and progression for that quest will be reset.