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Party Matching

The Party Matching feature is offered for players to easily find party members to explore dungeons together. You can queue up for 5 dungeons simultaneously, and you will be moved to the first matched dungeon.

Party Matching Method

  • Click the Party Matching icon in the quick menu bar located in the bottom left part of the screen.
  • Select a dungeon you want to explore, and register it to the dungeon selection information.
  • Once a dungeon is selected, click the Party Matching button to proceed.
Partymatching (2).jpg

Party Recruitment

By using the Party Recruitment feature, you can find party members for your party or join other parties. It makes it easy for you to find competitive players with whom you can explore difficult dungeons or just the right players to play with.

Party Recruitment Method

  • Click the Party Recruitment icon in the quick menu bar located in the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Use the Post Party Recruitment icon to post your party description, the type of players you're looking for, and level requirement.
  • The posted information can be accessed and managed via the Party Recruitment icon.