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Storage NPC's allow you to access a warehouse, where you can store and organize items you don't want in your inventory. Additionally, there is a small amount of account storage, which all of your characters, on the same server, can access.

Storage 1.png

Weapon Merchant

The Weapon Merchant will allow you to purchase low grade weapons.

WeaponMerchant v1.jpg

Armor Merchant

The Armor Merchant will allow you to purchase low grade armor.

ArmorMerchant v1.jpg

Accessory Merchant

The Accessory Merchant will allow you to purchase low grade accessories.

AccessoryMerchant v1.jpg

Misc. Merchant

A Misc. Merchant sells HP, MP, and Astel HP potions, as well as Resurrection Scrolls, and Return Scrolls for specific locations.

MiscMerchant v1.jpg

Material Merchant

Material Merchants sell components necessary for crafting. If you can't find the right material from a Material Merchant, such as cooking components, check the town to see if there is another nearby.

MaterialMerchant v1.jpg

Special Merchant

The Special Merchant is an Ancient Fragment Merchant, who will sell you select pieces of gear for the ancient fragments you get via questing.

Fragmentshop v1.jpg

General Merchant

The General Merchant will allow you to purchase HP, MP, and Astel HP potions, as well as Regen Food.

GeneralMerchant v1.jpg

Teleport Manager

You can use the Teleport Manager to easily travel long distances between towns. At a main city, you can teleport to main cities in other regions.


When you die, you gain resurrection sickness. If you visit a Healer, they can remove the Resurrection Sickness for a small fee.


Auction House

Visiting an Auctioneer will allow you to access the Auction House, where you can buy and sell items to other players.


Alliance Manager


If you want to create or disband a guild, go visit a Guild Manager.

Guild manager v2.jpg