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Important Quests for Acquiring Lv. 50 Legendary Equipment

Once you've reached the level 50, you'll have access to a variety of content that's available for character growth. The first thing you need to aim for is an important quest to acquire a weapon and armor.

Continue along the ‘Main Quests’ then you will be able to enter Aeunaril in Athlon. An important quest can be found from Type Gi-3 Orha in Aeunaril, you can acquire the Legendary Armor and Weapon which will greatly help you on your journey. It is offered as an optional reward and additional bonus stats are applied when you acquire or equip items for your chosen enhancement class.

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Acquiring and utilizing Coin & Token

In addition to the basic rewards from the basic contents Coin/Token can also be acquired, which enables you to purchase items that are important for growth. Coin's use and acquisition methods will help you grow faster.

  • [Location of Coin Merchants] * Location of Coin Merchants and related quests has been updated by January 28, 2020
  • You can find Meiville in Ragferant and Almantin Village in Athlon.
  • [Holy Order's Symbol Merchant] next to quest NPC in Greleaf, Rag Rock and Astara
  • Additionl [Golden Victory Token Merchant] at each faction base of Avalon



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