Lvl50 Activities

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There are several activities you can participate in, once you reach level 50.

Farming Dungeons

  • Farming Dungeons are unlocked when the character reaches Level 15. They can be accessed via the Dungeon window at any time from anywhere.
  • There are solo and party dungeons. A group of players can access solo dungeons as a party.
  • The difficulty of each dungeon is tied to the level requirement. The quality and probability of loot scales with difficulty.

Farming-dungeon 1 (1).jpg

Not only can you do regular farming dungeons, but you unlock Legendary Dungeons at 50. Legendary dungeons are much harder versions of the normal dungeons, and give increased rewards.

LegendaryDungeons v1.jpg


The Colosseum is a defense-type mode in which the player must fight against waves of monsters within a time limit. As those waves progressively become stronger, it's crucial to reduce their number as fast as possible. Each party member must perform their chosen role to be successful.

  • Characters who die in the Colosseum are automatically resurrected.

Colosseum v1.jpg


When your character reaches Level 40, the Avalon battleground becomes available. When you first enter the battlefield, the faction you represent and join in battle for a week will be randomly chosen from Physe, Ceres, and Eos. Unlike dungeons and fields, players can enjoy both PvP and PvE in Avalon. Since there is always a risk, it offers better base rewards. It is also easier to get a variety of quality items. Zender, the season end reward, is a currency that is used to purchase rare items. Many an Astellian seeks challenges in Avalon.

Avalon v1.jpg

  • Physe of Nature

The home of Physe was a peaceful world where elementals coexisted with nature. However, the peace was shattered when the Lord of Deception tricked the elementals and stole the Atra used to move the world. The forest withered, the elementals went berserk, and terrifying monsters began roaming the wild. The Physe eventually found Avalon while chasing down the Lord of Deception. They now believe that the Atra that fuels Avalon might be enough to save their dying home. You're Physe's only hope to save their home.

  • Ceres the Holy

The Rashans are just and courageous people who built a large empire and fought against the Lord of Deception. The Ceres Legion, a sect of the Rashans, thinks that they need the Atra energy to defeat the Lord of Deception. Because the emperor of the Rashan was against this, they had to leave the empire. Their ultimate goal is acquiring the Atra in Avalon and defeating the Lord of Deception, as it is the only way for them to return home. They will not compromise anything to accomplish this. They are ready to sacrifice anything to defeat the Lord of Deception. And you will join them in this endeavor.

  • Eos of the Darkness

Currently trapped in monstrous forms, the Eos are descendants of an ancient and advanced civilization. The Eos were betrayed by the god they worshiped and lost all the Atra in their homeland. It was too late when they realized their god was actually the Lord of Deception and all of the people of Eos had turned into monsters. With this unholy transformation, they lost their legacy and future. The Eos endured the pain of accursed withering that corrupted their bodies and minds, seeking revenge. Their epic revenge is about to begin in Avalon. As their chosen warrior, you will help the Eos destroy Avalon and avenge them. The Astellian has appeared.

Duel Arena

Match up with other players to duel.
There are Solo and Team battles in the Duel Arena.

  • Entry Requirement

You must be Lv. 30 to enter. It can only be entered during a set time during the day, and the records are reset every week. No tickets are consumed and you can enter as many times as you want during the time it's open.

  • Solo

It's 1:1, and it ends when one side dies. If both survive for the duration, then it's a draw.

Arena solo v1.jpg

  • Team

It's 4:4, and it ends when the whole team dies. If there's no winner when the time limit is reached, the team with the most survivors wins. If both teams have the same number of survivors, then it's a draw.

Arena team v1.jpg