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===Equipment Fusion Requirements===
===Equipment Fusion Requirements===

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Level 50 Weapons/Armors/Accessories can become stronger by fusing them together. If you obtained a Level 50 item through Enhancement/Evolution, try fusing it.

Equipment Fusion UI

Click the Item Enhancement & Fusion button in your inventory and choose the Item Fusion tab from the Item Enhancement & Fusion UI.

Fusion 1.png

Equipment Fusion Requirements

In order to fuse equipment, you must have 3 specific equipment items to use as materials. Asper and Stelites are used during fusion. (Register the material equipment into the Equipment Fusion UI to display the number of required Asper and Stelites.) Stelites can be obtained from hunting monsters that are Level 45 or above.

Material equipment required for fusion is as follows.

  • 1 Level 50 +7 Equipment as the main material
  • 1 Level 50 equipment to be fused with the main material
  • 1 Sealed Equipment to be fused with the main material.

Material equipment that can be fused is displayed in the tooltip of the Level 50 equipment.

Astellia CannotFuse.png

Astellia FusionTooltip.png

Fusing Equipment

Drag the equipment in your inventory to the Equipment Fusion UI. You can only use an item that is Level 50 with +7 or above enhancement as the main material. Sub-materials can be inserted once the main material is registered. Level 50 equipment or sealed equipment can be registered into the sub-material slots. Once all material equipment is registered, and there is enough Asper and Stelites, the Fusion button becomes active. Click the Fusion button to begin fusing.

Astellia FusionMaterials.png

Fusion Results

The equipment tier increases along with its stats. The resulting equipment grade is determined based on the grade of the materials. (Excludes sealed equipment grades) Resulting equipment options are randomized, based on the options of the material equipment. (Options don't overlap)