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Inventory & Equipping Items

You've obtained a new item in the Inventory (‘I’). In order to equip an item, drag the equipment from the Inventory and drop it in a slot in the character window ('P'), or right-click to equip/unequip.

Inventory main.jpg

Compare Items (Shift)

You can compare the stats of the item you have equipped and the one you want to equip. Press Shift on the item in the inventory and over your mouse over it to look at the tooltip and see the stats that will be changed if you switch items.

Locking Items (Shift)

You can lock items from the inventory to lock items, so that you don't dismantle or sell items that are important. Please keep in mind that locked items cannot be enhanced and will have some limitations for using other functions. Locking-item revised.png


Click the Dismantle icon from your Inventory and then a piece of equipment to dismantle the item. Weapons, armor, accessories, and elements (crafting materials) can be dismantled for the corresponding Enhancement Stones. The number of Enhancement Stones you get from dismantling depends on the level and quality of the equipment dismantled. Locked or essential items can't be dismantled. You need empty Inventory slots to dismantle equipment.