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Your HUD, or heads up display, provides you with valuable information about your character, progression, and much more. Each element has its own purpose, and the HUD can be rearranged so you can personalize your set up.

Main hud.jpg

Mini Map

The Mini Map shows you the area around your character, unlike the regular Map, which will show the entire region. You can see quest icons, NPC markers, Players in your party, and your own character indicator on the Mini Map. It can be zoomed in or out, to a limited to degree.


Quest Tracker

The quest tracker lets you see what quests you have in progress, at a glance. The objectives are explained in very short sentences, and clicking on the underlined objectives will start auto-movement to the quest location.


Game Menu

The Game Menu is where you can find the most important sub-menus in game. These include Guild, Mail, Friends, Skills, and the Astel Encyclopedia.



Your hotbars are where you will place skills to use them. You can also register consumables and mounts to quick slots in your hotbar, to make them easier to use. In addition to normal quick slots, there are two hotbars with "multi-quick slots" where you can register up to 4 actions at a time.


Astel Deck and Controls

The Astel Deck and AI controls allow you to select the Astels you want quick access to, and tailor their behavior to your needs. Each Deck can hold one astel, which can be summoned with the F1-F8 keys. These keys can also be used to execute Astel skills, and by using Shift + F1-F8, you can individually unsummon an astel. The controls allow you to set the aggression of the Astels, their aggro range, or unsummon all.



In order to enter dungeons, or the Colosseum, you need a specific type of ticket. You can view these tickets in the bottom left hand corner of your HUD. It will also show you the timer until your next dungeon ticket, unless you have the maximum number, in which case, it will display 00:00.



Your chat window is where you can see the dialogue of your Astels, conversations with other players, and system notifications. You can add additional tabs, customize font colors for specific types of text, and change your font size.



The Healthbar shows your HP, MP, and AP. This can be used to monitor how much damage you are taking, how many more skills you can use, and whether you can summon Astels or use Astel skills.


HUD Editing and Elements

You can customize your HUD by using the Edit function, located in the top left corner of your screen. Each element is clearly labeled, with a box indicating its size, so you can more accurately place those elements you want to move.