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A guild is a community of players who share the same goals. Guilds can be created through the Guild Manager in the village. (Guild Managers are in Meiville, Frell Village, Ivera Fortress, and Almantin Village.)

Guild main.png


Guild Creation

You can create a guild by opening the Create Guild UI and entering a guild name. Guild names must be unique, and if you enter a name that already exists, you won't be able to create the guild.

Guild manager v2.jpg

Guild Creation Requirement

The character that creates the guild must be above Lv. 10 and must have 100,000 Asper.
If you don't meet the conditions, you'll see what you need to do to create a guild.

Guild Disbandment

Guilds can be disbanded by the guild master through the Guild Manager.
In order to disband a guild, all members must have left the guild.
Talk to the Guild Manager and select to disband a guild.
(Click on Confirm on the window that pops up to completely disband the guild.)
All guild information is reset when the guild is disbanded.

Joining a Guild

Characters that are not part of a guild may join existing guilds. Click on the Guild button at the bottom right and select a guild from the list that pops up to join. You can join a guild immediately or by waiting to be accepted. Immediate: Join right after sending request Wait to be accepted: Join when the guild accepts your request to join