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The Game Menu will help you navigate to important gameplay features. Hovering over each icon will show you what it opens, as well as any keybind associated with it.


Game Menu [ESC]

This icon opens the game's Escape Menu. From here, you can change settings, visit the official website, go to character select, log out, and close the game. The default keybind for this icon is ESC.


Gem Shop [O]

The Gem Shop allows you to purchase cosmetic and convenience items. Gems are purchased with real currency. You can also spend Zender in the Zender tab of the Gem Shop. The keybind for this window is O.


Mail [/]

Opening your Mail will allow you to write mail to other players, check your Common Mail, and check your System Mail. You can only store up to 100 mails of both Common and System, then you must delete mail to store any more. The kyebind for this window is /.



Your friends list is an easy way to see when your friends are online, contact players who you game with often, and control you Block List. Adding a new friend or blocking a player is as easy as pressing the add button and typing in the player's name.


Guild [G]

The guild menu allows you to join guilds that are actively recruiting, see information about the guild you have joined, and if you are the guild leader, change ranks, permissions, and rank names. The default keybind for this menu is G.


Pary Recruitment [,]

You can use party recruitment to join groups that are pursuing a common goal, like a particular dungeon or quest, or creature your own recruitment. You can filter the list by level and use keywords to search the list of recruiting groups. The default keybind for this menu is ,.

Partyrecruitment (1).jpg

Party Matching [.]

Party Matching allows you to sign up to join a party for specific dungeons, or Colosseum. You will be grouped with random players. The default keybind for this window is ..

Partymatching (1).jpg


The Adventure window shows you activities that you can participate in. They are Colosseum, Dungeon, Avalon, and Duel Arena. Selecting one of these options will bring up the window for that specific option.

Adventure (1).jpg

Expert Skill

The Expert Skill window is your crafting and gathering menu. You can only access this after level 11. This is where you can select your gathering profession, see its level, look at crafting recipes, and select items to craft. The default keybind for this menu is [.


Achievement Info

You can open the Achievements window to collect rewards for completed achievements, see what the requirements are to complete an achievement, and see which ones you have already completed.

Achievment (1).jpg

Quest [L]

Opening the Quest Journal will allow you to see which quests you have in progress, their names, and their objectives. You can also click on underlined sections to auto-path to the objective location. The default keybind for this window is L.


Astel Encyclopedia [J]

The Astel Encyclopedia contains everything you need to know about Astels. You can see which ones you own, which you do not (these will be grayed out), their skills, AP costs, Class and Type, and much more. This is also where you go to augment your Astels with Star Jewels, and select Astels to put in your deck. The default keybind for this window is J.


Skills [K]

This menu will show you everything you need to know about your skills. You can check their icons, casting time, mana cost, skill type, etc. You can also Enhance your skills via this menu, by selecting the skill and putting points in the desired enhancement on the right side of the window. The default keybind for this window is K.


Inventory [I]

Your inventory is an important part of your gaming experience. This is where loot, purchases, crafts, and quest items are stored. There are 8 inventory tabs.

  • Equipment - This is where weapons, armor and jewelry are stored.
  • Consumables - This is where potions, food, mounts, and Atra Crystals are stored.
  • Runes - This is where Runes are stored.
  • Star Jewels - This is where Star Jewels are stored.
  • Coins - This is where special currencies like Ancient Fragments are stored.
  • Quest Items - This is where quest items are stored.
  • Crafting Items - This is where raw materials like cloth, or wood, are stored.
  • Misc. - This is where trash items are stored.

The default keybind for this window is I.


Character [P]

Your character page shows a great deal of information about your stats, gear rating, equipped gear, and regen rates. You can also enhance your stats, with Atra Crystals, and see your equipped costume. The default keybind for this window is P.