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Weapons, Armor and Accessories can be made stronger with Enhancement Stones. If you have obsolete equipment, use these items to enhance them.

Equipment Enhancement

  • You need Enhancement Stones and Asper to enhance a piece of equipment.
  • You can get Enhancement Stones for corresponding gear by dismantling a piece of equipment.
  • You can safely enhance Lv. 49 or lower equipment up to a max of +7.
  • Lv. 50 or higher equipment can be safely enhanced up to +3. This equipment can be enhanced up to a maxium of +10. (No safe enhancement above Tier 2)
  • There is a chance for your enhancement attempt to be ineffective, fail, or catastrophically fail from +4 and higher.

Astellia Enhancement.png

Astellia MaxEnhancement.png


You can evolve a piece of equipment that has not reached Lv. 50 to a higher level. It can be a wise investment for a good piece of equipment. This system can alleviate some of the stress of farming items.

Astellia Evolution.png

Astellia EvolveConfirmation.png


Click the Dismantle icon from your Inventory and then a piece of equipment to dismantle the item. Weapons, armor, accessories, and elements (crafting materials) can be dismantled for the corresponding Enhancement Stones. The number of Enhancement Stones you get from dismantling depends on the level and quality of the equipment dismantled. Locked or essential items can't be dismantled. You need empty Inventory slots to dismantle equipment.