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Dungeons dot the landscape of Astellia. They are key points of interest that are usually related to the story of the game.

Scenario Dungeon

  • The story unfolds with main quests, most of which are done in dungeons.
  • They can be accessed without the related quest, and they are relatively easy to clear.
  • For this reason, the loot from these dungeons tends not to be very valuable.

Farming Dungeons

  • Farming Dungeons are unlocked when the character reaches Level 15. They can be accessed via the Dungeon window at any time from anywhere.
  • There are solo and party dungeons. A group of players can access solo dungeons as a party.
  • The difficulty of each dungeon is tied to the level requirement. The quality and probability of loot scales with difficulty.

Farming-dungeon 1 (1).jpg Farming-dungeon 2.jpg Farming-dungeon 3.jpg