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Character Death

When the HP of a character reaches 0, the character dies. When a dead character is resurrected, the max HP and MP are reduced for a while as a resurrection penalty. Always keep an eye on your HP when in combat. The resurrection method and conditions may vary depending on character level and requirements, please read the tooltip for more details.



  • You can resurrect your character by using skills, scrolls or at a resurrection point.
  • Choose the best way to resurrect your character, depending on the situation.

Resurrection Point

Use the Shrine in each settlement to register your resurrection point. Once your character is bound to a certain resurrection point, your character goes back to that point when using the Return skill. Similarly, when the character dies, by selecting Resurrection at the Registered Point, the character is moved to that point and resurrected.

  • Always register resurrection points by considering how long you'll be in each area to minimize travel time.

Resurrection Penalty

  • There are 8 levels of resurrection penalty. From Level 4, your character receives an incremental penalty to Max HP, MP and SP.
  • Starting from Level 6, your character receives an additional penalty to SP Recovery.
  • If your character dies while under the effect of a Resurrection Penalty, the penalty level will increase.


Resurrection Penalty Recovery

  • Healer NPCs in each village are able to remove the penalty.
  • The fee increases as your penalty level increases, so wisely manage the recovery fee.
  • The Blessed Resurrection Scroll can remove all previous penalties.

Resurrection Point Exceptions

  • In Dungeons and Avalon with specific Resurrection Points, fallen characters can resurrect by using the provided points.


There are Healer NPCs in each settlement who can heal Resurrection Sickness. The healing cost for Resurrection Sickness varies, depending on the penalty level. It's wise to keep this cost to a minimum to quickly rejoin the party or battleground.