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Upon reaching level 11, your character can access the gathering/crafting features. There are a variety of resources that can be gathered including ore, plants, and relics all over the world of Astellia. They can be used to craft many different items.


  • There are 5 gathering skills you can choose from: Mining, Jewel Mining, Logging, Herb Gathering, and Relic Investigation.
  • A character can learn and upgrade only one gathering skill.
  • You can always unlearn your current gathering skill, but doing so will reset the skill.

Expertskill 1.png

Expertskill 2.png

Tiers increase on the 1's. In other words, you can gather the next resource node at 21, then 31 and so on. Each tier is located around the questing areas for that level bracket. You can also find resources in dungeons. Their tier is based on the level of the Scenario version.


  • There are 8 crafting skills you can choose from: Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Jewel Crafting, Archaeology, Alchemy, Leather Crafting, Tailoring, and Cooking.
  • There is no limit to learning crafting skills.


Like Gathering, crafting tiers increase on the 1's. As the tiers increase, the items that can be produced gain strength, or rarity, depending on the type of profession. Additionally, crafts require additional items that can be purchased from Material Merchants. There are different versions for each tier, which are sold by the Material Merchants in the questing areas for those level brackets.


  • Crafts Assassin and Warrior Weapons & Armor
  • Crafts materials needed for Carpentry
  • Raw materials come from mining

Jewel Crafting

  • Crafts Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and Bracelets
  • Crafts materials needed for Carpentry
  • Raw materials come from Gem Mining


  • Crafts Scholar, Mage, and Archer Weapons & Armor
  • Crafts materials needed for Jewel Crafting and Blacksmithing
  • Raw materials come from logging

Leather Crafting

  • Crafts items for Blacksmithing
  • Raw materials can be looted from monsters


  • Crafts items needed for Carpentry
  • Raw materials can be looted from monsters


  • Crafts HP and MP potions
  • Crafts items needed for Jewelry Crafting
  • Raw materials come from Herb Gathering


  • Crafts Runes, Star Jewels, and Atra Crystals
  • Raw materials come from Relic Investigation


  • Crafts stat enhancing food
  • Raw materials can be gathered around the world and do not require any gathering skill