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* Expedition Invitation: /expeditioninvite [nickname]
* Expedition Invitation: /expeditioninvite [nickname]
* Kick from Expedition: /kickexpedition [nickname]
* Kick from Expedition: /kickexpedition [nickname]
===Chat Options===
[[file:Astellia TabName.png|center]]
[[file:Astellia ChatMenu.png|center]]
[[file:Astellia ChatOptions.png|center]]

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You can create and manage chat tabs for general, party, or expedition purposes. In the Chat Tab options, you can change what text to show and the text color for each chat. Each tab has a different range of exposure. The game supports text commands in the chat windows. Right-click the chat tab to display chat options.

Astellia Chat.png

Chat Commands

  • General Chat: /s
  • Whisper: /w [nickname]
  • Party Chat: /p
  • Expedition Chat: /d, /o
  • Guild Chat: /g, /guild
  • Local Chat: /t, /local
  • Broadcast: /b
  • Party Invitation: /partyinvite [nickname]
  • Kick from Party: /kick [nickname]
  • Leave Party: /leaveparty
  • Expedition Invitation: /expeditioninvite [nickname]
  • Kick from Expedition: /kickexpedition [nickname]

Chat Options

Astellia TabName.png
Astellia ChatMenu.png
Astellia ChatOptions.png