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Avalon Introduction

When your character reaches Level 40, the Avalon battleground becomes available. When you first enter the battlefield, the faction you represent and join in battle for a week will be randomly chosen from Physe, Ceres, and Eos. Unlike dungeons and fields, players can enjoy both PvP and PvE in Avalon. Since there is always a risk, it offers better base rewards. It is also easier to get a variety of quality items. Zender, the season end reward, is a currency that is used to purchase rare items. Many an Astellian seeks challenges in Avalon.


Physe of Nature

The home of Physe was a peaceful world where elementals coexisted with nature. However, the peace was shattered when the Lord of Deception tricked the elementals and stole the Atra used to move the world. The forest withered, the elementals went berserk, and terrifying monsters began roaming the wild. The Physe eventually found Avalon while chasing down the Lord of Deception. They now believe that the Atra that fuels Avalon might be enough to save their dying home. You're Physe's only hope to save their home.

Ceres the Holy

The Rashans are just and courageous people who built a large empire and fought against the Lord of Deception. The Ceres Legion, a sect of the Rashans, thinks that they need the Atra energy to defeat the Lord of Deception. Because the emperor of the Rashan was against this, they had to leave the empire. Their ultimate goal is acquiring the Atra in Avalon and defeating the Lord of Deception, as it is the only way for them to return home. They will not compromise anything to accomplish this. They are ready to sacrifice anything to defeat the Lord of Deception. And you will join them in this endeavor.

Eos of the Darkness

Currently trapped in monstrous forms, the Eos are descendants of an ancient and advanced civilization. The Eos were betrayed by the god they worshiped and lost all the Atra in their homeland. It was too late when they realized their god was actually the Lord of Deception and all of the people of Eos had turned into monsters. With this unholy transformation, they lost their legacy and future. The Eos endured the pain of accursed withering that corrupted their bodies and minds, seeking revenge. Their epic revenge is about to begin in Avalon. As their chosen warrior, you will help the Eos destroy Avalon and avenge them. The Astellian has appeared.

Avalon Entry and Exit

Click the Adventure Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. 6Y39lJF.png

Click Avalon on the Adventure Menu JxfAzFB.png

Press the Enter Button to join Avalon. ZkI80c5.png

Avalon is initialized on a weekly (seasonal) basis and can be settled for Battle Points and other rewards once the season is over.

In the case of a party, they can enter Avalon if all party members have no faction, or are in the same faction, but cannot enter if in different faction or someone is in a dungeon.

In the case of a guild, even if any of the guild members enters Avalon first, the entire guild will be assigned to the same faction. There is no restriction on entering, and if a new guild member is first entered, the faction will be determined accordingly.

On the Avalon Menu, you can select leave to return to your original position before entering Avalon. Ciy3skP.png

Battle Points and Rank

1. Avalon Factions

Norden travels throughout the universe and absorbs Atra, using it for extended life and infinite power. The stars that have been absorbed become barren land and can not sustain life.

The three factions of Ceres (Holy), Physe (Nature), and Eos (Darkness) who have lost their homes, are preparing for a huge war in Avalon beyond the dimension, shouting for revenge to Norden. Astelians stand on these three 3 tribes(factions) and engage in a vicious war. The choice of factions is automatically determined by the balance of factions at the time of the first Avalon entry.

2. Battle Points

All activities in Avalon are converted into battle points, which are the basis for ranking, grade, or paying compensation. Battle points are divided into individual battle points and faction battle points. You can see the status of your faction and your personal score through Avalon UI (B key).

Battle Points are divided into Individual Battle Points and Faction Battle Points. Individual Battle Points: Hunting Score (PvE) + Kill Count (PvP) / However, point loss upon death Hunting Score: Monster kill, Artifact Occupation, and other faction NPC kills (PvE) In the case of monster kill scores, if you hunt farther than your friendly faction, you will receive an additional bonus based on your risk and you will receive a maximum of 2 times your kill score against your friendly faction. Kill score: Obtained when killing other faction player(PvP). However, point loss upon death. Faction Battle Points: Combined personal battle points of all faction members. However, Battles points deducted if 'Artifact' is occupied

Battle Points are divided according to the degree of damage contribution of both hunting and kill points. Even if the contribution was made by participating in the battle, the contribution was initialized after a certain time after the last attack then the score could not be obtained.

In the case of a party, it is calculated as contribution to the party (sum of the damage done by the party member), and the contribution of the party obtained is distributed by the party member 1/n.

When you kill an enemy faction character, you can obtain a differential according to the gap between target’s rank(grade). If killed by enemy faction character, 300 points will be deducted regardless of the rank, and there will be no deduction when killed by monsters.

Table 1.png

Table 2.png

3. Rank(Grade) and Hostility

Avalon has a total of 9 grades according to the PvP score. The grades can divide with the ‘Hero Grade’ and the ‘Executioner Grade’. Basically, you will be promoted to hero rank if you acquire a kill point, but your grade will be converted to the Executioner grade if you kill lower rank player than you and acquire the Hostility for Hostility level goes above a certain level. For example, if your Hostility score is increases when your grade is Royal Guard Captain, your rank will be converted to Berserker grade. In other words, if the Hostility level is decreased in the Berserker grade, you can return to the Royal Guard Captain. Executioner points affecting grade and Hostility according to the kill point are managed separately. Also, when a character dies, a certain amount of kill points are deducted, so grade will drop if the point is lower than can maintain the grade. (Ex. When a character is killed by at Veteran (680) grade and the kill point is deducted to 600, will be demoted to a Apprentice grade.)

The highest rank Indominus & Archon can be only one player. That gives you much authority with responsibility.

※ Abuse Prevention Rules for PvP Kill and Killed data will be restored for certain lists, and if you continue to kill the same character based on this list, you will earn 100% of the kill points 1st kill, 50% at 2nd kill, and 0% from 3rd kill. In other words, if you kill the same character repeatedly or consecutively, you will not be able to acquire a kill point.

Table 3.png

4. Avalon Rankings

‘Indominus’ the highest rank in the faction becomes the ‘Supreme Commander’ and can select two ‘Supreme Adviser’ and three ‘Commander’ according to the ranking order. The characters who are selected for those positions will be able to use the position-special skills. The position skill effect is applied only within the Avalon, and the effect disappears when they leave Avalon. However, if the connection is terminated in Avalon and they re-connect within 10 minutes, the buff will remain, but the time will be deducted by the not logged-in time of the connection.

Table 4.png

Avalon Play

1. Atra Stone Towers and Holy Atra Stones


There are 12 Atra Stone Towers and 9 Holy Atra Stones in Avalon, and the neutral guardians are guarding them.

When you occupy the Atra Stone Tower and the Holy Atra Stone, your faction become the owner of them and can acquire large hunting points.

Table 5.png

If you occupy the ‘Holy Atra Stone’, you will get a faction buff for every additional member of the faction, and the buff effect will increase depending on the number of occupations.

Table 6.png

Atra Stone Tower is restored to its neutral state after a certain period of time, it is necessary to maintain its occupation continuously.

You can get a large portion of battle points from Atra Stone & Holy Atra Stone, so occupying and protecting those buildings are key point on the eventual victory of all.

2. Barrier Stones

Each faction has 1 Barrier Stone and 1 Barrier Core, and there will be NPCs who protect the Barrier Stone and Barrier Core.

Barrier Stones can be activated by Commander grade or above with using ‘Luolu’ points, Barrier Cores can be activated by Supreme Commander only and also required ‘Luolu’ points.

Buffs from Barrier stones and Barrier Cores will remain for 3 hours and all buffs are redundant. However, they have 3 hours cool down time.

Barrier Stones can be occupied after Avalon is open for 26 hours. Barrier Cores can be occupied after Avalon has been open for 24 hours. and if occupied by opposite faction it will be considered as opposite faction’s building for 26 and 24 hours each.

There are 12 Stone Towers placed in Avalon. Can get a ’Lord of Deception's Vestige’ buff to nearby allies when occupied. The buff will stay for 10 minutes.

3. Avalon Quests

Each faction has different main story quests, sub quests, daily quests, weekly quests, etc. Avalon has various kinds of quests and more updates will come.

4. Teleportation between Areas

Avalon is not possible to register as base, if you using ‘Return’ skill it will teleport you out of Avalon.

In Avalon, you can move quickly by following: 1. Teleport to hunting grounds through the ‘Teleport Manager’ at each base camp 2. By using ‘Warp Portal’ which is placed in each battleground.


Avalon Alliance

In Avalon, you can form an alliance with other factions and use them strategically. In order to form an alliance, a certain condition must be satisfied and it is managed according to a certain rule according to each situation.

1. Alliance Request

The Alliance can be applied by the Supreme Commander through the Alliance Manager NPC. The alliance application will be completed if the following conditions are met.

Pay the faction battle points to the allied faction Available to pay from at least 10,000 to 20% of the maximum number of Faction Battle Points It requires at least 4 occupied Holy Atra Stones total include self and opposite faction.

2. Accepting the Alliance

After receiving a proposal from the alliance, a confirmation window popup will be displayed when a Supreme Commander enters Avalon. If one of the two Supreme Advisers accept, the alliance will be concluded.

The alliance must be accepted within two hours and alliance application will be canceled if not accepted within the time, If the alliance accepted, opposite will receive paid Battle Points from requesting alliance faction approximately 30 minutes later. The alliance lasts for 8 hours, and the re-alliance between the same faction is possible four hours after the alliance is lifted or destroyed. Once an alliance is established, the battle between the alliance faction is not possible, but the NPCs at each base camp can attack. This is a means of protecting the least faction, such as the destruction of an alliance.

3. Canceling the Alliance

During the Alliance, the Supreme Commander can destroy the Alliance by clicking on the Alliance Mark. If one of the two Supreme Advisers accepts, the alliance will be destroyed.

If an alliance is destroyed by the one who has applied for the alliance, it can be destroyed without a separate penalty, but the one who has received the request for the alliance will pay twice as much as the remaining time of the alliance.

For example, if the payout is 20,000 points and the alliance was destroyed after 4 hours later of the total 8 hours of maintaining time, the penalty would be 20,000 points, twice the 10,000 points deduction of 50% payout.

If you want to re-establish the alliance with a destroyed party, you can apply after 4 hours.

Avalon Rewards

Avaron is held on a one-week (seasonal) basis, 'Zender' will be rewarded according to a certain class of criteria. (However, the Zender is not paid in Pre-Season.)

You will be graded based on your hunting/killing score during the season, your personal ranking in the Faction, and your Faction rank.

Zender will be mailed in-game by the end of the season according to this grade, and subordinate rewards will not be awarded if they receive higher grade rewards.

The table below is a basic reward and will be rewarded differently according to the Faction rank. The 1st place Faction will get 1.5 times more Zender from the basic reward, the 2nd place is 1.2 times, and the 3rd place is plain.

The acquired Zender are available in [Zender Shop], and you can purchase items that are generally difficult to obtain.


If you leave a guild after entering Avalon, you can not earn a weekly guild contribution from Avalon. Please consider carefully when you leave the guild.