Auction House

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You can buy or sell items by accessing one of the auctioneer NPCs located in the Auction House in every starting settlement. It's worth browsing the wares being auctioned, especially if you're looking for rare crafting materials or quality equipment.

Purchase Tab

  • You can purchase items you want from the list.
  • You can either place a bid or buyout.


Sell Tab

  • You can sell your own items using the Register Items menu. You can also instantly sell an item by setting the buyout price.
  • You can check and retrieve the auction money and expired items from the Sell Items tab.
  • You can auction up to 10 items at any given time.


Auction Status and Item Retrieval Tab

  • You can check the progression of your auctions.
  • Use the tab to claim an auctioned item, instantly buy an item that is being auctioned or retrieve outbid money.